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  • Benefits

    “VeePop offers schools and nonprofits the opportunity to change the video message on at any time, thus extending the life of the product.” -Kendall Gazette

Try our VeePOP

Way more helpful than explaining it is trying it! Here are a few examples to get you started. 

Click the images below to bring up a video to POP

(remember to download the FREE VeePOP app first)

Specification Guide Sheet

✓ Video Length:

• Less than or equal to 30 seconds

✓ File Size:

• Less than 3 MB

✓ Compression Format:

• H.264 encoding

✓ Container Format:

• .mp4 (file extension)

✓ Ratio:

• 4:3 (Note:  There is a danger of the video being truncated using this ratio.)

• 16:9 *

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Make your Videos POP!

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